Soyer & Mamet: a human-sized company and an enthusiastic partnership

Wednesday 29 May, 2024

“With advensys, we have a very reliable partner that allows us to focus on our business”


Soyer & Mamet is a Brussels-based insurance broker that has been in business for 4 generations (1899). With a team of 35 people, it helps you make the right choice for your insurance.

CFO Ekrem Eryoruk welcomes us to the company’s offices at the edge of the Forêt de Soignes in Watermael-Boisfort (just opposite the ponds) and a stone’s throw from the Tournay Solvay park. Ekrem is very friendly and spontaneously expresses his pleasure at working with advensys.

“We’ve been working together for 5 years now. advensys isn’t the cheapest company, but they’ve understood our needs and integrated them into their processes. They have succeeded in implementing the right solutions for greater speed and therefore greater productivity. At Soyer & Mamet, we hardly ever hear about IT problems, let alone slow network speeds. With advensys, we have a very reliable partner that allows us to focus on our brokerage business.

We began our relationship in 2018 when Soyer & Mamet was looking for a more efficient partner to deliver and maintain its IT. Our network was very slow and all the employees were complaining, which was impacting both our productivity and our morale. At Soyer & Mamet, we are obsessed with the well-being of our employees, because we know that this is the key to successful customer service.”

Soyer & Mamet

Aurélien Wasterlain, Head of the IARD department, also confirms:
“It’s like night and day between our old supplier and advensys, and we’re delighted! advensys has an “infrastructure” division that has taken over complete management of our servers, network and security.

At Soyer & Mamet, working from home has become an integral part of our organization, and employees are now usually only in the office 2 days a week. We didn’t believe in it. We thought home working would affect our sense of service, but in the end, we have to admit that with the right mobile equipment, we can continue to be just as efficient. Everyone has been given a laptop to work from wherever they want, and the whole solution is protected by advensys.”

At advensys, our Business Unit Manager explains that it’s difficult for a company of 35 people to afford all the in-house IT skills needed to run your environment.

You have to put in place the right foundation that meets your expectations, and then make sure that everything runs smoothly. We no longer sell infrastructure, we offer a service with an all-inclusive monthly fee. advensys is your IT department, so you can forget about IT worries and focus on your core business, in this case: insurance broking!

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