2 service contracts for 2 protection levels

advensys offers 2 price packages to suit your needs. These offers are designed to give you maximum flexibility and total peace of mind.

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Omnium remote service

From €35.5 /month/user
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  • Access to our support service

  • Remote control tool

  • Monitoring tool

  • Ability to cover network peripherals

  • Remote support services

  • Remote maintenance services

  • Access to our antivirus solution
  • Detection of threats to your IT equipment
  • Unlimited calls for remote support

  • You only pay for on-site intervention

Omnium full service

From €56.5 /month/user
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  • All the benefits of the Omnium Remote service

  • On-site maintenance service

  • Unlimited support (incident management)

  • Fixed-frequency on-site maintenance & suppor

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support IT - advensys

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