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Serenity is the absence of doubt. And the absence of doubt is based on unwavering trust. That’s what we strive for at advensys, and why our partnerships are long-term.

Because it’s our customers who speak best of our collaboration, we’ve taken the time to meet them. Read the case studies below to find out more!

Le Pain Quotidien

For over 30 years, Le Pain Quotidien, born in Brussels, has continually opened bakeries and restaurants around the world to reach over 200 points of sale today. In 2020, they fell victim to a Ransomware attack: that’s when they turned to advensys.

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CIPAC is a Belgian family business, with over 70 employees and 5 stores, which references over 100,000 items for construction and renovation professionals. Almost 20 years ago, we implemented their first management application: since then, we’ve built up a lasting relationship of trust!

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LD Organisation (LDO) is a Belgian family business, with 9 employees and 3 sites in Europe. We’ve been working together for 15 years: from the first computer network to their cloud environment, we’ve developed a partnership based on trust and serenity.

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Soyer & Mamet

Soyer & Mamet is a Brussels-based insurance broker that has been around for 4 generations. Our partnership began in 2018 and we take care of the complete management of their servers, network and security.

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Diamond® Europe is a family-run Belgian company, founded in 1985, which has contributed to the evolution of the professional kitchen and refrigeration equipment sector. We are a complementary and efficient team, and have been for almost 25 years!

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