Politique de cookies



This cookies policy applies to all advensys websites.

What is a “cookie”? A cookie is a small data file (text or figures) saved by a website in your computer’s Internet browser.

We use different sorts of cookies on our websites, with each one having a different function.

Types of cookies:

  • First-party cookie or domain cookie: Placed by us on our sites visited by users, these cookies enable us to track the user’s activity on the site in question.
  • Third-party cookie: Placed by a domain name other than the website where the user happens to be visiting. These cookies are placed, for example, by advertising banner servers (such as the cookies placed by Google, Facebook or Zendesk chat). For these cookies, we refer you to the statements on the respective sites of these parties. We are unable to have any influence whatsoever over the content of these statements, nor over the content of these cookies.
  • Functional cookies: These cookies enable our websites to function properly: language preference, connection, etc. They are required for our sites to operate correctly.
  • Non-functional cookies: These cookies may be placed for statistical, social, commercial and targeting purposes.

Finally, among the cookies that we use, we should also mention “session cookies” and “permanent cookies”. Session cookies expire at the end of each session of your browser and enable your actions during the session to be linked. All session cookies are deleted when the browser is shut down. Most functional cookies are session cookies. Permanent cookies, on the other hand, remain on your device for the time determined in the cookie, but they are only activated once on the site that placed them. Most non-functional cookies are permanent cookies.


By accepting this Cookies Policy, you agree to advensys collecting and processing your personal data, in line with this Cookies Policy.

Deactivation (browser)

It is always possible to block cookies in the settings for your browser. To find our more about deleting, deactivating or blocking cookies, we recommend you visit the following website: https://www.aboutcookies.org/. We would also draw your attention to the fact that deactivating functional cookies may prevent our websites from functioning properly and/or from allowing you to benefit in full from the services we offer.