What would happen if you lost your business data? Would you be able to recover?


Your business data is at the very heart of your company. What’s more, the volumes of data being collected and stored by businesses are increasing all the time.

And knowing that the loss of critical data is the main operating risk for 75% of SMEs, the challenge is to protect that data and be in a position to use it at all times. To achieve that aim, your IT environment not only has to be stable and reliable, but it also needs to have a proper backup structure and recovery plan if an incident should occur.

The way your backups are automated needs to be structured, carefully thought through and monitored. Which means that in addition to having local backup, you simply must have an outsourced backup strategy to ensure the optimum level of availability.

Our backup monitoring packages offer you 3 levels for keeping a sharp eye on your backups, as your needs require: from a simple backup report through to daily checks and proactive action. It’s up to you to choose the solution that suits you best.


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We monitor the protection and total availability of your data at all times

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